Waffle Bath Sheet

Wash your hands of your shower routine and meet your new relaxation guru, Sage Green Waffle Towels. Long associated with cleansing negativity, Sage Green boosts your mood, reduces stress, and creates a sense of calm in a world of chaos and mental clutter.


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Features & Compatibility

  • Highly absorbent: honeycomb pockets trap & drink in moisture.
  • Antibacterial: quick-drying fabric prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, & mildew.
  • Durable: up to 45% stronger & longer-lasting than average cotton towels.
  • Space saving: 30% lighter & 50% less bulky than other cotton towels thanks to the airy curves of the open weave.
  • Gets better over time as the waffle weave gets deeper and thirstier with use.
  • Lightweight and storage friendly—about 30% lighter and 50% less bulky versus average terry towels
  • Machine washable: fabric gets softer & thirstier with use (and we pre-wash our towels, so your first wash is on us)
  • Safe for skin: OEKO-TEX® certified against 350 toxic chemicals