Rexing 4-Port Tesla Docking Station

  • Tesla Docking Station – Sleek, thin adapter custom designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Convenient access to a 4-port charging hub w/ easy organizing for all your power cords.
  • 4-Port Charger – Charge up to 4 devices W/ 2 USB ports + 2 USB-C ports. Quick power transfer w/ charging speeds up to 27w.
  • Easy To Install – Gently slide the docking station into place in the center console and connect the power and data cables. Then, close the center console lid to meet the edge of the docking station.
  • Built-In LED – Blue LED light makes it easy to locate charging ports at night when it’s dark inside the vehicle’s cabin. Auto LED turns on when the vehicle starts and turns off after two minutes of being stationary.


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Features & Compatibility

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