Butterfly Strong Necklace


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Ships immediately while quantities last. Butterfly Strong is a movement that celebrates strengths that are often overlooked and undervalued in our society: compassion, sensitivity, humility, empathy, and vulnerability.

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For those of you with big hearts who feel everything and are told you should be less sensitive — embrace this as your superpower and live and lead with heart.

Send a Butterfly Strong Necklace to someone you know is #ButterflyStrong and remind them of their inner strength. Who is your hero of hope during challenging times? Do you know someone who could use a reminder of their most wonderful traits? What about you? Wear a beautiful necklace as a reminder to access your inner strength and keep moving forward.

The Butterfly Strong message pictured is included in the packaging — printed on seed paper you can plant for the butterflies!

Silver or Gold plated.

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