BEST BEFORE 01 March 2025 – 2022 The Oil of Life: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – LOVE cap – 1 bottle 250 ML/8.5 fl oz


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Features & Compatibility

BEST BEFORE 01 March 2025

1 bottle 250 ML/8.5 fl oz (each bottle sold separately)

The Oil of Life is designed for daily indulgence as part of one’s daily rituals for well-being and pleasure. It has a rich mouthfeel and mild yet complex flavor profiles making it a truly versatile extra virgin olive oil that will create delicious alchemy of any ingredients in a meal.

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It’s scientifically certified high in antioxidants by the University of Florence.

This organic extra virgin olive oil stems is made from high-quality olives harvested in the nutrient-rich volcanic soils of Mount Amiata in Tuscany, Italy. It boasts an incredibly high concentration of antioxidant polyphenols, giving it a fragrant and intense flavor profile, and an even longer shelf life.

Harvest: October 2022

Packaged in our Patented, UV-Resistant Bottles designed to protect your EVOO from 98% of harmful UV-rays.

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These collectible bottles are 250mL / 8 fl oz. and come with meaningful words imprinted on the caps: Life, Love, and Soul.